The BEL Company

The BEL is part of the BEL Company (BEL Co) which was formed in 2017 to  continue basic research on the human brain and cognition as well as to  develop new neuroscience technologies with grant funding, including from  the US Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The BEL was  formerly associated with EGI, which has now been acquired by Philips  Neuro (  For two SBIR projects that Philips has released to BEL Co (one on next  generation neuromodulation or GTEN technology and one on MR-compatible  EEG technology), Philips has received a right of first refusal to  products and technology arising from the grant. Otherwise, BEL Co is  fully independent from Philips or any other large business. The  BEL is continuing its long tradition of training University of Oregon  students in research technologies, and preparing them for innovative  applications in industry.

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