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OPB: "The science of sleep: Pacific Northwest researchers explore secrets of a good night's rest"

Washington Post: "This device may nudge your brain into deep sleep"

BEL ANNOUNCES PATENT AWARD FOR “SEMI-DRY ELECTRODE FOR A NEURAL SENSOR NET” This innovative design is part of the BEL commitment to advanced research and development in neuroscience equipment. Read the Press Release

BEL ANNOUNCES PATENT AWARD FOR “METHOD FOR TREATING ANXIETY DISORDERS” This new method takes advantage of a better understanding of what part of the brain should be the target of the stimulation, and how to stimulate that target, for the purpose of treating anxiety disorders. Read the Press Release

BEL ANNOUNCES $2.5M GRANT AWARD FOR SLEEP THERAPY TO HELP MILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT This NIH grant award will provide funding to study the impact of targeted transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) to improve deep sleep. Read the Press Release

BEL RECEIVES $1.3M GRANT TO STUDY IMPROVED EFFICIENCY OF SLEEP As part of an overall $4.3 million grant by the Department of Defense, the Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory (BEL) Company has been awarded $1.3 million to study augmented sleep neurophysiology. Read the Press Release

National Institute of Aging Awards Phase II Clinical Trial Funding for Neurosom Electric Sleep Therapy in Seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment.   Read the Press Release


Webinar Series 2024 and Science Talks

"The Truth About Good Sleep And Healthy Aging" featuring sleep expert Dr. Ruth Benca.  Wednesday, June 26th at 9am PT . Register here

Watch our past Webinars & Science Talks:

Neurosom presents: "AI for Automated EEG Sleep Stage Classification"

Neurosom presents: "Pinpointing and Unlocking the Neural Mechanisms of Human Sleep"

Roma Shusterman presents: "FLOW: an in-depth look at BEL's database management system, and its' novel capabilities for analysis scripts containerization"

Don Tucker presents: "Excitatory Inhibitory Balance In Waking and Sleep"

Dr. Allison C. Waters presents: "Electrical perturbation of human cortex generates a reliable, individualized read out of cortical excitability: what's the potential and is this just a phase?"

Dr. Ghislaine Dehane-Lambertz presents: "Exploring Language Acquisition using HD EEG"

Dr. Ashura Buckley, MD presents: "Sleep and Neurodevelopmental Disorder Biomarker Discovery at NIMH IRP"

Don Tucker, CEO at BEL presents: "High Resolution Whole Head Electrophysiology"

Wei He, Director of Sales and International Strategy presents: " FLOW  an EEG / ERP database and workflow manager for neuroscience laboratories"

Don Tucker, CEO and Wei He, Director of Sales and International Strategy present: "BEL EEG System One Product Workshop"

Kyle Morgan presents: "SOURCERER Product Workshop"

Don Tucker presents: "Optimizing Focal Source Localization and Electrical Neuromodulation Targeting with Oriented Sources in the Human Cortex"

Phan Luu presents: "The Limited Trajectory of Human Neural Development"

Evan Hathaway presents: "Transcranial Electrical Stimulation targeting Limbic Cortex extends Human Deep Sleep"

Kyle Morgan presents: "Focal Limbic Sources Create the Large Slow Oscillations of the EEG in Human Deep Sleep"

BEL (Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory) is a neuroscience technology company dedicated to advancing the study and understanding of the human brain. 

BEL was founded by Dr. Don Tucker, PhD, and CEO.  Dr. Tucker invented the Geodesic Sensor Net through his former company, EGI (Electrical Geodesics, Inc.) and continues to pioneer new technologies in the field of brain research. Dr. Phan Luu, PhD, and Chief Science Officer, brings expertise to the science team of BEL. His experience includes successful EEG and neuromodulation product development as well as many years as head of Science at EGI. 

Responding to customer demand and the changing EEG vendor landscape, BEL expanded its research and development plans to address the needs of the greater neuroscience community.  Customers are seeing the fruits of this investment in a series of planned product rollouts, delivering leading edge technology for neuroscience researchers everywhere.

All of the BEL products are developed under BEL's Quality System, meeting regulatory standards for future US FDA, Chinese FDA, and European CE certification.  This assures the highest standards for safety and accuracy, important for IRB and ethics committee certification.

BEL's Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (FCOI) applies specifically to principal investigators and BEL employees funded by federal (including Public Health Service) grants, as described by 42 CFR 50.604(b). Read the full policy here 

Photo of Dr. Don Tucker

In The News

Psychology professor is first from the University of Oregon named to inventors academy

Psychology professor is first from the University of Oregon named to inventors academy. You could call it a thinking cap, but Don Tucker's signature invention is really meant to capture brain waves, not inspire them. Tucker is a UO professor and inventor of the geodesic sensor net, a device that vastly simplified and improved the way researchers see and measure brain activity. It was such a revolutionary advancement that Tucker recently was named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, becoming the first UO faculty member ever to receive the honor.


Photo of Don Tucker at oroginal Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory location.

Don M. Tucker has been a faculty member in the UO Department of Psychology since 1984. He founded the Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory in the basement of Straub Hall. The lab went on to develop new technologies for brain mapping, including the Geodesic Sensor Net. In 1992 he founded Electrical Geodesics Inc.


Adaptive control of functional connectivity: dorsal and ventral limbic divisions regulate the dorsal and ventral neocortical networks. Cerebral Cortex, 1-26  - Tucker, D. M., & Luu, P. 2023 

Understanding Neural Mechanisms of Memory in Rapid Recognition of Football Formations - Kyle K. Morgan, Don M. Tucker, and Phan Luu

EEG Source Imaging of Epileptic Activity at Seizure Onset - Ching-Chang Kuo, Don M Tucker, Phan Luu, Kevin Jenson, Jeffrey J Tsai, Jeffrey G Ojemann, Mark D Holmes

Safety of Slow-Pulsed Transcranial Electrical Stimulation in Acute Spike Suppression - Mark D. Holmes, Rui Feng, Mackenzie V. Wise, Chengxin Ma, Ceon Ramon, Jinsong Wu, Phan Luu, Jidong Hou, Li Pan & Don M. Tucker

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Multiple Memory Systems During Category Learning - Kyle K. Morgan, Dagmar Zeithamova, Phan Luu and Don M. Tucker

The Evolution and Dissolution of Cultural Memory - Don M. Tucker and Phan Luu

Motive Control of Unconscious Inference: The Limbic Base of Adaptive Bayes - Don M. Tucker and Phan Luu

Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Implicit and Explicit Memory in the Process of Consciousness - Don M. Tucker, Phan Luu and Mark Johnson 


Pre-Surgical High-Density EEG and Atlas Electrical Head Models Provide Low-Error Epileptic Foci Predictions in Patients that Received Favorable Resective Surgery - Kyle K. Morgan, Mariano Fernandez-Corazza, Rui Feng, Phan Luu, Mark D. Holmes and Don M. Tucker

Performance of Optimal Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Limiting the Number of Active Electrodes - Mariano Fernandez-Corazza, Santiago Collavini, Phan Luu, Carlos Muravchik and Don M. Tucker

Recent publications from BEL Scientists:

 Zhou, S. et al. (2023). High-Resolution EEG Characterization of Sleep Neurophysiology. In Thomas & Bhat & Chokroverty (Ed.) Atlas of Sleep Medicine (3rd ed. Pp. 389-415). Springer.

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Tucker, D. M., Luu, P., & Shusterman, R. (2020). Truncated icosahedral neural sensor net and modular elements therefor. Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory Company. US Pat. No. 11,045,131.

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