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State-of-the-art quality and comfort for HD EEG acquisition

Laboratory Database and Workflow Management


EEG Source analysis managed by cloud computing and FLOW platform See our brochure

BEL neuroscience research tools provide intuitive and accessible workflows for the laboratory

In the News:

New published studies support our collaborator Dr. Jeff Illiff's work on glymphatic clearance during sleep and the link to Alzheimer's and dementia.  Read the Article

National Institute of Aging Awards Phase II Clinical Trial Funding for Neurosom Electric Sleep Therapy in Seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment.  Read the Press Release

BEL REVOLUTIONIZES SLEEP THERAPY WITH FUNDING RAISE FOR PARTNER COMPANY NEUROSOM™BEL is spearheading a transformative funding campaign on  RedCrow  to propel NEUROSOM™ into the medical device market with innovative applications to improve sleep. Read the Press Release

BEL ANNOUNCES PATENT AWARD FOR “SEMI-DRY ELECTRODE FOR A NEURAL SENSOR NET”. This innovative design is part of the BEL commitment to advanced research and development in neuroscience equipment. Read the Press Release


For several years, BEL has been rethinking what is possible in human neurophysiology and expanding the boundaries of EEG technology.  Combining the need for modularity, multi-modal imaging, miniaturization and machine learning, BEL announces a new complete solution for human neurophysiology researchers: The BEL EEG System One
It’s not just another geodesic EEG system. It’s a Geodesic EEG Ecosystem.

Geodesic EEG Ecosystem

Brings the power and productivity of a neuroinformatics platform for neuroscientists, improving workflow, reproducibility and collaboration.

BEL EEG System One FLOW Forward Looking Operations Workflow SOURCERER

Geodesic Head Web

The Geodesic Head Web® uses BEL's patented design of the Modular Pentagonal Element (MPE) to achieve a better fit to all human head shapes and sizes. Elegant electrode wire management and a small, lightweight connector give the Geodesic Head Web® high marks in usability.

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FLOW (Forward Looking Operations Workflow)

Part of the BEL Cloud platform, FLOW is a powerful database for file management and a fast and efficient workflow manager. FLOW creates and executes both standard analysis workflows and new methods developed in the lab or shared by collaborators. 

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The BEL Cloud platform also offers SOURCERER, our flagship source localization product.  SOURCERER shows scalp EEG at its source deep within the brain, visualized in 3D, and runs on any computer with a web browser. See our brochure

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BEL is committed to bringing you innovative solutions for your research, utilizing machine learning, cloud computing, and open source collaboration. All of the BEL Cloud platform is developed under BEL's Quality System, assuring the highest standards for safety and accuracy, important for IRB and ethics committee certification.

Contribute to science! Brainwave Research Participants Needed

Interested people are invited to participate in a sleep study to increase our understanding of the different stages of sleep and how good sleep contributes to better memory.

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