Wearable and wireless amplifier of the BEL EEG System One

Small and portable, the battery powered BEL AMP One HD EEG amplifier is part of the complete BEL EEG System One and offers on-board computing, data storage and wireless streaming to BEL’s cloud based software.

Bring unprecedented resolution and reproducibility to your HD EEG Research.

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An adult and child seated at a table, both are wearing a BEL Geodesic Head Web and a BEL AMP One is set up at the corner of the table. The child is playing with some toys.

Designed with modern hardware architecture to minimize weight and space, the BEL Amp One maximizes high quality EEG recordings for extended periods. Lightweight, wireless, battery powered (4 hours!), on-board computing and upgradable – including hyperscanning – providing all the flexibility you need for future proofing your neuroscience laboratory.

Photo of BEL AMP One front panel

BEL Amp One front panel with battery indicator lights, power button, and Geodesic Head Web connector port.

Photo of BEL AMP One back panel

BEL Amp One back panel with digital inputs supporting TTL signals of 0-5V, 8 analog inputs supporting signal -/+2.5V, ethernet port, power supply, and removable battery.

A young woman wearing a BEL Geodesic Head Web sits next to a table where a technician is using a computer connected to a BEL AMP One.

The complete BEL EEG System One features the Geodesic Head Web with 60 second application and extended recording times, BEL Amp One amplifier, and BEL’s cloud based software for streaming acquisition, EEG review tools, scripting, data analytics and collaborations.

All of the BEL products are developed under BEL's quality system to meet regulatory standards.
BEL products are not yet cleared as medical devices.