Next Generation in Human Neurophysiology

For several years, BEL scientists and engineers have been planning and developing advances in technology and integration tools for neuroscience research. Rethinking what is possible and expanding the boundaries of EEG technology, BEL offers the next innovation in our product road map.

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Introducing the BEL EEG System One

A new line of systems for HD EEG and TES research that will change the field of human neurophysiology by bringing cutting edge technology at affordable costs to revolutionize both spatial and temporal resolution. Available in 130 and 280 channels, the BEL EEG System One delivers unprecedented resolution and reproducibility.

Interested in mapping EEG features to brain anatomy? Add SOURCERER to the BEL EEG System One

Designed with state-of-the-art software architecture that speeds computation, SOURCERER is fast, intuitive and includes new Frequency Localization.

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The new BEL EEG System One crowns a lifetime of innovation and service to the needs of the neuroscience community through product development and continuous advances in neuroscience.

It's not just another Geodesic EEG system. It’s a Geodesic EEG Ecosystem

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All of the BEL products are developed under BEL's quality system to meet regulatory standards.  BEL products are not yet cleared as medical devices.